RKD 75th Anniversary celebrations begin!

7 September 2017

To kickstart its 75th anniversary celebrations, RKD organized an inter-office retreat on 07-09th September 2017 at the beautiful Fariyas Resort in Lonavala, India. Over a 100 team members came together to mark the occasion in a multi-faceted 3 day event. The events included exploring the local sights including the wax museum, scary house & mirror maze, individual/team games & prizes and water park & ziplining adventures. The team was also super enthusiastic about a 7am High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercize session on the hotel grounds. Just before the gala dinner & DJ night, about 40 team members performed in a cultural show showcasing their musical, artistic and dance talents. Many team members had very interesting experiences to share about their time at RKD, right from the newest joinee to the seniormost leaders who have been with the firm for over 30 years! Dr Niti Dewan talked about the the history and growth of RKD from a small 120 sq foot office in Mumbai to over 12,000 sq ft offices across 6 cities; while others talked about loving the biweekly yoga classes and team picnics. While addressing the RKD family, Dr Mohan Dewan remembered his father, Raj Kumar Dewan, the founder of the firm and his amazing vision to start an IP firm in India in the year 1942, whose legacy continues to this very day.

Insights by Disha Dewan on the India Life Sciences landscape

16 November 2017

Disha Dewan, Patent Attorney & RKD’s Head of Global Business Operations, was invited to speak at the CIPA Life Sciences Conference held at Whittlebury Hall, Towcester, UK on 16-17th November 2017. This conference is known to provide unrivalled expert insight into the latest developments in patents, regulatory and IP law in the global life science industry. With a focus on the pharma, biotechnology & medical technology sectors, Disha’s talk focused on latest developments in India while keeping with the theme “Dispelling Myths about patents in India”.

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