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Design Registration Requirements: Filing a Design Application in India

The following details/documents are required for filing a Design application in India:

  • A Power of Attorney signed by the applicant in whose name the application will be filed;
  • Information regarding Applicant, including full name and address, type of legal entity (i.e., a company, partnership, corporation, or individual), state of incorporation or country of citizenship;
  • Photographs/Drawings of the article in seven views [front, rear, top plan, bottom plan, left and right side elevation and isometric] with six copies of each view;
  • Name of the article to be registered under the Design Act, example: vacuum flask, table etc.
  • If the application is based on a priority application, information regarding that priority application namely country, application number and filing date.

For your convenience, given below are some of the most relevant forms required for filing applications for Designs in India.

Form No. Title Download
FORM 21 Power Of Authority To Agent