The INTA Leadership Meeting at Miami Beach, Florida, November 2013

The INTA Leadership Meeting is an invitation-only event for current and incoming Board of Directors and Counsel, Past Presidents and Past Counsel, Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, Subcommittee Chairs and Committee Members. This year it will take place from November 12-16, 2013 in Miami Beach, USA.

Dr Mohan Dewan (Emerging Issues Committee) will be representing RKD at this event.

AIPPI Forum & ExCo, Helsinki, Finland September 2013

The AIPPI Forum & ExCo took place in Helsinki from September 5-11, 2013. Dr Mohan Dewan & Dr Niti Dewan attended the same in order to meet with clients and associates from around the world.

Global IP Convention, Bangalore, India, January 2013

The Global IP Convention was held from 23-30 January 2013 at Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bangalore. The theme of the convention was ‘IPR - The Powerhouse of Tomorrow.’ Dr Mohan Dewan presented a session on ‘Managing Design Protection and Enforcement in India’ on 24th January 2013.

C5’s 12th International Forum on Maximising Pharma Patent, London, June 2013

Dr Mohan Dewan was invited to conduct a pre-conference workshop titled ‘Timing is Everything in Pharma Patents – From Research & Development to Product Launch and Beyond’ at C5’s 12th International Forum on Maximising Pharma Patent in London in June 2013. He also delivered a talk titled 'Unique Aspects of Indian Patents Law: Landmark Patent Cases’ at the same conference which was very well received by the audience

INTA Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, USA, May 2013

The 135th INTA Annual Meeting was held on May 4-8, 2013 at Dallas, Texas, USA. One of the world’s largest and most attended Trademark events, this conference offers endless opportunities for education and networking.

9th Annual Asian ITechLaw Conference, Bangalore, India, February 2013

Dr Niti Dewan attended the Annual Asian ITechLaw Conference Bangalore on 14-15 February in Bangalore. RKD associates were also present.

INTA India Forum, Mumbai, February 2013

Dr Niti Dewan was part of the organizing committee for the INTA India Forum held on February 08-09 at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai. Dr Niti spoke on ‘Differences in Trademark Practice Between India and Other Countries’ and also moderated a session on ‘Customs Recordal of Rights and Post Clearance Audits.’ Ms Disha Dewan also represented RKD at the India Forum.

C5’s 5th Annual Forum on Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2013

Dr Mohan Dewan was invited to speak at the 2013 Pharma & Biotech Litigation Forum which took place on 29-30 January, 2013 at Hotel Radisson Blu in Amsterdam. He presented a session on ‘Patent Litigation Strategies for Key Emerging Markets: India.’


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