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Patent Registration Requirements: Filing a Patent Application in India

We require the following details/documents in order to file a patent application in India:

  • Authorization of agent.
  • Specifications in English.
  • Sets of drawings.
  • Priority document if priority is to be claimed (i.e. a certified copy of the specification as originally filed). In case the priority document is not in English, it must be accompanied by an attested or certified English translation thereof.
  • Full name, address, occupation and nationality of both the inventor and the applicant (if an assignee) and full name, address, occupation and nationality of the applicant in the convention country, should be given.
  • Details of all corresponding applications in other countries.
  • Proof of the applicant's right to make the application within six months from the filing of the application.
  • Declaration as to inventorship, signed by the applicant where priority has been claimed or where complete specification is filed after a provisional specification; can be filed within one month of filing of application or complete specification.
  • Application Form 1 duly completed and signed along with
    • the full name of the inventor and / or the applicant
    • the name and designation of the person signing on behalf of the applicant
    • Addresses and nationalities of all the inventors, applicants and also of the applicants in the convention country (if different from India) and
    • Date of filing of the basic application in the convention country.

For your convenience, given below are some of the most relevant forms required for filing applications for Patents in India.

Form No. Title Download
FORM 1 Application for grant of patent
FORM 2 Complete Specification    
FORM 3 Statement and undertaking
FORM 5 Declaration as to Inventorship
FORM 13 Application for Amendment
FORM 26 Form of authorization of Patent Agent (Power of Attorney)
FORM 27 Statement regarding the working of the patented invention on commercial scale in India
GPOA General Power of Attorney